Creed: Who suffered under Pontius Pilate

Last updated on March 17, 2022

Jesus was handed over to you, and you killed Him. With the help of evil men, you nailed Him to a cross. But God knew all this would happen. It was His plan—a plan He made long ago.” (Acts 2:23, ERV)

Jesus Christ was the Son of God, proclaiming the truth about God and urging people to turn back to the Lord. He also did many supernatural miracles, healed people from incurable illnesses, and even raised some people from the dead. All this attracted large crowds.

But Jesus did not meet all of the people’s expectations. Many were longing for political reform; they wanted Jesus to be their king. However, His mission was about spiritual renewal, not political transformation. When their hopes were disappointed, many turned away from Jesus. Moreover, the religious elite were plotting to kill Him. They stirred up the disappointed crowds and convinced the Roman officials to nail Jesus to a cross. After hours of intense suffering, He died.

This was the darkest hour of history. The innocent Son of God was murdered by unjust governors, wicked religious leaders and cruel soldiers. But the Bible says all this was part of God’s plan. Jesus knew this would happen, and He was willing to suffer. Why? Because He knew this was the only way to save humanity from eternal death — as we’ll see over the coming days.

Are you aware that you need salvation?

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