Biblword brings the Word of God to people on the internet. We do this through a Facebook Page and through this website. We bring daily thoughts from the Bible to encourage, teach, and challenge. On Facebook these are often short Bible quotes and Bible tweets. On this website we place longer articles and videos to lead you deeper into God’s Word.

If you have questions about the Bible or about the Christian faith, please Contact us. We try to always respond.

Biblword is a ministry of GlobalRize. Biblword was founded and is led by Marten Visser. Marten is a pastor from The Netherlands with long years of experience as an evangelist among asylumseekers and as a church planter in Thailand. The team contributing to Biblword comes from many different countries, including Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, UK, and USA. Besides the English page, Biblword also exists in 13 other languages on Facebook.

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