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About Biblword grew out of Biblword on social media. Biblword was started on a whim by Marten Visser, missionary in Thailand. In december 2009 he decided to tweet through the Bible, one chapter at a time. ‘Bibleword’ seemed like a good name. However, it was already taken. Without giving it any thought, Marten decided to strike out the ‘e’, and continue as Biblword- never thinking more than a few friends and relatives would even follow the account.

As the Bible has 1189 chapters, it took Marten over three years to tweet through the Bible. Soon the account had over 10,000 Twitter followers. Yet real growth only occurred when he launched Biblword on Facebook in 2011. Soon hundreds of thousands of people liked the page.

People who had liked the page, started to ask questions about the Bible. A team of authors answered them. Soon Marten found out that Facebook was not the best medium to publish these answers to Bible questions. Therefore a separate website was started. The mission of was, and continues to be, to answer all kinds of questions about Bible issues, and also to answer questions about life issues from the Bible.

In 2015 Marten Visser returned to the Netherlands. Biblword had become too big to pursue as a sideline. He founded GlobalRize, an internet mission, which now is the organisation responsible for all aspects of the Biblword ministry. continued to grow into a website with hundreds of answers to Bible and life questions. Besides the authors, the chat team that responds to messages sent in through the website, plays an important role. Every day, thousands of people find biblical answers to their questions on, and over a hundred people have a personal conversation about their questions with a member of our chat team.

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