What does the Bible say about the antichrist?

Only in the epistles of John the term ‘antichrist’ is used. There we read: “Dear children, this is the last hour; and as you have heard that the antichrist is coming...

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Is the Bible inappropiate for children?

Why does the Almighty God sometimes use explicit vocabulary (e.g. In Ezekiel and Song of Solomon)? Isn’t the Bible meant to be read by all mankind, including children? Sometimes we may read passages in the Bible which...

Why do some people suffer more than others?

If God loves us all equally, why are some people sailing along in life comfortably and are others facing many problems? The question starts with the assumption that God loves everyone the same. And indeed God shows a...


What is the incarnation of Christ?

The word ‘incarnation’ comes from the Latin translation of John 1:14, “The Word became flesh.” The incarnation does not mean that a man somehow became God, but rather that the Son of God came into the world...

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