What is courage?

What is courage?

Courage is a quality that enables you to do something useful that many other people would not dare do, according to the dictionary. Often believers need to be courageous, they need to do useful things many others would not dare do. Following Jesus means stepping outside comfort zones.

The Lord Jesus had courage

The Lord Jesus had the courage to address injustice or evil in Jewish society and he said things no one else was bold enough to say. He did not shrink back from criticizing the established religious order in clear language. Jesus loathed hypocrisy, he loathed how the common people were held back from truly serving God. He dared to address these issues and in this way, he persisted in doing the will of his Father.

No fear?

Being courageous does not necessarily mean that you are a daredevil who knows no fear. Being courageous means you don’t walk away from your responsibilities or from tough issues that demand your attention. It means you do not go into hiding like a coward. Another dictionary defines courage as: the ability to do something that frightens one. This means that you need to overcome fear! Even Jesus knew fear during those quiet moments in Gethsemane. Intense fear. But Jesus entrusted his anxiety to God the Father and found strength in Him, strength in the face of grief and pain. If even Jesus needed to look up for strength to his Father, then how much more we need to do that!

This is how we need to live: with a straight back, because we know our courage and strength comes from God. Do you lack the courage to do the thing you need to do, or to start a certain task or chore? Do not walk away from it but entrust it to God and look up to Him for strength and courage. Follow in the steps of Jesus. Please share your thoughts below!

Read: Mark 7:1-21

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