Walk in the truth

Last updated on April 20, 2021

Is Gods love unconditional?

“I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth.” (3 John 1:4)

The apostle John says that “walking in the truth” is a commandment of God the Father. This phrase means to bring our lives into conformity with God’s revealed truth. We should stand firm on the truth of his Word, teach the truth plainly, and take it as the starting point for our moral decisions. We should “walk according to his commandments”, and one of these commandments is to love one another (2 John 1:5). This shows once more that truth and love should always go hand in hand.

The ultimate example for us to follow is God Himself: He is love (1 John 4:16) and He is the God of truth (Isaiah 65:16, John 14:6) at the same time.

If we practice brotherly love without paying attention to the truth about Jesus Christ, we are blind and in danger of stumbling. If we focus on truth without loving our fellow believers, we are harsh and disobedient to God’s command to love our neighbor as ourselves. So, we need both. We should walk “in truth and love”.

Are you “walking in the truth” every day? If not, what is keeping you from doing so?

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