Saints are called to endure

Last updated on June 7, 2022

Here is a call for the endurance of the saints, those who keep the commandments of God and their faith in Jesus.” (Revelation 14:12)

It is not always easy to be a saint. The struggle against sin is exhausting. The resistance and hostility of people around us can be discouraging. We are longing to be with Jesus, but it takes so long before He returns…

In his second letter to Timothy, the apostle Paul says that his time has come to leave this life here. He compares his earthly life to a race that is now almost finished. It was hard, but he has kept the faith and now he will receive the prize that is waiting for him, “the crown of righteousness” (2 Timothy 4:8). His testimony is an encouragement for others: keep going, don’t give up! Endure in your faith!

How was Paul able to endure all the difficulties he faced? How was he able to finish his ‘race’? Not in his own power, but in God’s strength. In Colossians 1:9-11, he prays that his readers will have the same experience. He prays that they will be strengthened with divine power, so that they can endure with patience and joy. For in God’s power, we can do all things.

Do you find it hard to endure?

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