Ruth asks Boaz to marry her

Last updated on September 27, 2022

I am Ruth, your servant. Spread your wings over your servant, for you are a redeemer.” (Ruth 3:9)

Ruth asks Boaz to “spread his wings over her”. Since humans don’t have literal wings, she refers to his garment as a symbol of protection.

Ruth uses the same expression here that Boaz used in chapter 2, when he praised Ruth for taking refuge with God, “under God’s wings”. In a way, this is the same thing! Ruth decided to commit herself to Naomi’s land, people and God. One way in which God offered her safety, was by his provision for foreigners and widows. Ruth made use of these laws by gathering wheat at Boaz’ fields and now she asks him to fulfill the role of a close relative by marrying her. If he does, not only will Ruth herself be taken care of, but there is also a possibility that the family of Elimelech and Naomi will continue if Boaz and Ruth have children. Therefore, Boaz praises her request as a sign of kindness towards Naomi. Ruth does not only focus on her own well-being, but also takes responsibility for her relatives.

When you have to make an important decision, what do you consider? Are you searching for God’s will? Do you think through what your choices mean for others?

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