Love each other

Last updated on July 23, 2021

Passie voor verloren zielen

“Owe no one anything, except to love each other.” (Romans 13:8)

You can’t pay off your love. The more you give, the more you have.

God calls us not to make debts. Debts are miserable things that tend to grow larger than we can see. You are better off without it.

The purpose of this advice is not that we are completely independent. Because there is something else that we always owe others: to love them. We can never pay off that debt.

When you divide a cake, you will have nothing left. But you can only hand out love, not divide it. There is always another opportunity to show love. Every sign of love builds up a relationship and makes us feel that we must give new love over and over again. Love grows by giving it. Love shrinks by holding it back.

That is God’s economy: the more we have to redeem our debt to love, the more love we have left to give.

Do the people around you know you as a loving person?

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