Keeping promises

Last updated on January 31, 2024

“But to the two men who had spied out the land, Joshua said, ‘Go into the prostitute’s house and bring out from there the woman and all who belong to her, as you swore to her.’” (Joshua 6:22)


In preparation for the conquest of the land, Joshua had sent out spies. These men had almost been caught and arrested in Jericho, but with the help of the prostitute Rahab they had escaped. In return she had asked, “Please swear to me by the Lord that, as I have dealt kindly with you, you also will deal kindly with my father’s house, and give me a sure sign that you will […] deliver our lives from death” (Joshua 2:12-13).
The spies promised to spare Rahab and her family, and Joshua kept that promise. When Jericho was taken and its inhabitants were being killed, he ordered that Rahab be brought to safety. She was invited to join the people of Israel.

When elections are approaching, politicians often make all kinds of promises. If elected, they will make sure everything gets better! All too often, however, these turn out to be empty promises that cannot be fulfilled.
The Lord God is utterly reliable. He always keeps His promises. So should we.
Perhaps you have made promises that you have not yet kept? Can you take steps to put those right today?

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