Joshua was present when God made a covenant with Israel

Last updated on January 25, 2024

“So Moses rose with his assistant Joshua, and Moses went up into the mountain of God.” (Exodus 24:13)

At Mount Sinai, something very special happened. The Lord God descended in a dense cloud and fire on the top of this mountain, visible to all the people of Israel. They could also hear what He said to Moses. The Lord gave His laws and rules, and the people agreed to them. Thus they made a covenant. Israel was confirmed as God’s special people.
Then a delegation of 70 elders, the priests and Moses had to climb up Mount Sinai. They came to an audience with God Himself, in a place where heaven and earth merged. Exodus 24:10 reports, “They saw the God of Israel.” How impressive that must have been! Moreover, verse 11 reports that they ate and drank on that mountain. It was customary to conclude a covenant ceremony between different nations with a shared meal. That is what happened here as well, now that God had made a covenant with His people.

From verse 13, we know that Joshua was present at this occasion. He went even higher up the mountain with Moses, who stayed there with God for forty days to receive further instructions.
This encounter undoubtedly remained vivid in Joshua’s memory for the rest of his life. Have you also experienced special moments with God that you never forget?

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