Is there a real Behemoth?

Last updated on April 18, 2021

Is there a real behemoth?

The word Behemoth is used by the Lord in the Book of Job (Job 40:15 -24) God is reminding Job of the greatness of God in creating both people and animals. The Behemoth is an enormous beast with great strength, but God is able to approach and capture it, while men at that time were unable to.
There are many thoughts as to what the Behemoth actually is. The elephant or the hippo are the two most favored choices by those who have offered an opinion. Others believe that it may have been a dinosaur which has since become extinct, since the descriptions don’t really fit any animal we know nowadays.

What did God want to teach Job?

The main point to remember here though, is not, “Is there a Behemoth in the world today or not?” but to remind ourselves of the greatness of God in creating all things, and being able to control all He has made. In comparison man is small and insignificant, weak and limited. Our significance comes from knowing God, and being known by Him, which is the lesson Job learned. Job was faced with some very severe testing and was angry, confused, frustrated, he wanted to challenge God, and ask why God was allowing all this suffering. In the end Job realized that God can do all things, and he had no right to challenge God, and in the end repented of what he’d done (Job 42:1 – 6).

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