How to handle hormonal changes as a Christian?

Last updated on February 22, 2021

How to handle hormonal changes as a christian?

If you have asked yourself the question above, that is a good sign. It means you are aware that you may not always have been so patient and kind as you were or would like to be. And knowing yourself is half the battle.

Hormonal changes are natural

The answer to this question is partly spiritual, and partly physical. So, let’s start with the physical bit. Hormonal changes are a natural part of a young person growing up. It is part of God’s good creation to give your body the time of childhood, where you can learn, play, grow and be protected. And then to have the time of transition, where your body moves to adulthood and you prepare for the responsibilities of adult life and having a family. So even though hormonal changes are not always fun; pimples, mood swings, menstruation, hair growth, sudden sexual attractions, are a sign that you are developing well. God is doing something good in you.

Your body is under double pressure

However, all these changes take energy. It is unfortunate that this time of your life is also often a time when there is a lot of pressure at school. It means that young adults get a double burden, both of physical/emotional development and academic pressure. So, it is a time where you should look after yourself.

Take enough rest

Firstly, by sleeping enough. That can be hard with the distractions of social media and pressures of exams, but it is really important, and will help you feel more balanced in the day. It is of course best to go to bed on time. If you can’t, try to have a nap during the day, or put your phone away and have half an hour of walking in the sunshine. Do what you can to give your body and mind time to recover. Looking after yourself well is an important life skill.

Invest in the right people

It can also be helpful to avoid certain people or situations that make you stressed in times that you already feel on edge. And remember to eat well, as your body needs extra nutrients in this time. And invest in reliable friends. In a time when you can feel distance from your parents, it is important to have good friends you can ‘escape’ to. They don’t have to be your age. Sometimes an elderly couple or relative you trust can be an important support.

Hormonal changes also have a spiritual side

There is also the spiritual side. Hormonal changes can explain mood swings, but are not an excuse to be disrespectful or hurtful to others. If you find it hard to control yourself, then walk away and give yourself space to calm down. Say sorry if you feel you have to.

Look for spiritual growth

Develop spiritual disciplines that can help you to grow in character. Instead of thinking too much about your own problems, learn to pray for others. If you find it hard to talk to your parents, you can still pray for them, or help them with something they did not ask you to do. Learn to take responsibility for your own spiritual growth. Read the Bible. If you feel down, read and pray the Psalms. Seek out good Christian examples.

Jesus knows us

Lastly, our Saviour Jesus took a human body and went through all these changes himself. He knows what we feel and has experienced the temptations of humans. He will guide you through this time. Make it your purpose to grow into an adult who resembles Jesus.

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