The earth is not ours

Last updated on April 12, 2022


The earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof, the world and those who dwell therein.” (Psalm 24:1)

A common saying goes, ‘We only have one earth, so we better start taking care of it’. They are right, for as far as we know there is no other planet we could move to if the earth becomes inhabitable. However, the Bible clearly corrects the thought that the earth is ours. It claims that the heavens and the earth with all that is in it, belong to the Lord God.

When we let this truth sink in, it changes our attitude towards the environment. On the one side, it reminds us that we are just ‘visitors’, allowed to live in God’s creation. Since the earth is not ours, we can’t do with it as we please, but have a responsibility towards its owner.

On the other side, knowing that God is the owner of the earth and everything that dwells on it, and that He knows exactly what is going on, is reassuring. He is the almighty King of the universe, and He is in control. He cares deeply about the well-being of His creation. Not even a sparrow will fall to the ground apart from God the Father; how much less will the earth be destroyed against His will.

How is your attitude towards the earth?

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