Hannah praised God

Last updated on September 29, 2021


My heart is happy in the Lord. I feel very strong in my God. … He raises the poor from the dust, and He takes away their sadness.” (1 Samuel 2:1,8 ERV)

After bringing Samuel to Eli the priest and leaving him there, Hannah worshiped the Lord. He had turned her sorrow into joy. That made her sing! Hannah’s song is described to us in 1 Samuel 2.

She took her own life story as a starting point to sing about God who turns things upside down: the bows of strong soldiers break, but weak people become strong. The rich now must work for their food, but the hungry have abundance. The woman who was not able to have children, now has a large family. All these examples show that God is able to change people’s lives. Hannah’s own experiences affirmed this universal truth.

The Bible contains many songs. Most of them are collected in the book of Psalms. Some of these songs were written on the occasion of personal experiences, like David being chased by king Saul or him begging for mercy after committing adultery and murder. But the experiences and emotions expressed in these songs resonate with the experiences and emotions of later believers, even when living in different ages and on different continents. That’s because they all know and worship the same God!

Do songs from the Bible or songs composed by fellow believers help you to express your personal emotions and experiences?

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