Glorifying God together

Last updated on November 19, 2022

I will extol the Lord at all times;
his praise will always be on my lips.
[…] Glorify the Lord with me;
let us exalt his name together.
” (Psalm 34:1-3, NIV)

In many Psalms, we are called to praise God together with the poet, or even together with “all the earth”. Often, these exhortations are accompanied by testimonies of God’s salvation that give cause for joy and worship. In Psalm 34:11 for example, David says: “Come, my children, listen to me; I will teach you the fear of the Lord.” Psalm 107:2 invites us, “Let the redeemed of the Lord tell their story”. We can share our own experiences of God’s goodness with others so that they too will glorify Him.

It is good to be in the company of people who exhort us to praise the Lord. For if we are always just on our own, it is much harder to “extol the Lord at all times”.
Here on earth we can exalt God’s name together in church services or other meetings with fellow believers. In heaven or on the new earth, we’ll join the “joyful assembly” of thousands upon thousands of angels and believers from all times and places (see Hebrews 12:22-23). Then our song of praise will never end!

As the hymn “Amazing Grace” says:

When we’ve been there ten thousand years,
Bright shining as the sun,
We’ve no less days to sing God’s praise,
Than when we first begun.

Are you looking forward to this ultimate ‘worship service’?

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