Faith in Jesus

Last updated on July 23, 2021

Passie voor verloren zielen

“Has God rejected his people? By no means!” (Romans 11:1)

God wants to save Israel and us as well- but always through faith in Jesus.

The disbelief of most Jews was difficult for Paul to process. It was a personal matter for he came from a Jewish family. But it was also theological. The Jews were God’s nation. Jesus were born as a Jew. The apostles were Jews. Despite of it still the most of them rejected Jesus as their Messiah.

That does not mean that God rejected His people. Earlier the number of Jews that relied on God’s word was not too high. The fact that most did not believe in Jesus is therefore not so strange in the light of that history.

Secondly, Paul has hope for the future. Even the unbelieving Jews may belong to God’s people again. There is only one condition: faith in Jesus.

It is not important to which nation you belong. It is not important what your history is. It is not important how much you know about God. What is decisive is your answer to Jesus. Do you believe in Him? If not, what is keeping you?

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