Drop everything to meet Christ

Last updated on May 2, 2024

“After listening to the king, they went on their way.” (Matthew 2:9)

Wise men from the east have travelled far in search for Jesus, the King of the Jews. What do these wise men do when they hear that the child they are searching for should be born in Bethlehem? They set out, immediately. They travel, in the late evening. They had been on the road for a long time, but they could not wait any longer. They climbed onto their camels and set out on the road to Bethlehem. It’s 11 kilometers. In two hours, they will see the Christ!

And what happens in Jerusalem? Nothing! 11 kilometers. And no one goes with the wise men. It’s a two-hour walk. And for everyone in the city, it’s too far.

The 11 kilometers are a metaphor for our preoccupation with trivial matters while we pass by the most important thing with indifference. Christ is born. He came to save the world. He took that so seriously that He came down from heaven to earth and died on a cross. That is the essence of our faith.
Several times in your life, you will have the opportunity to see the glory of God. To see Christ in your life, you need the willingness to travel 11 kilometers, or whatever other effort God asks of you. And you must drop everything and go at once. For those who have come to understand the value of the Lord Jesus, this is self-evident.

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