Children need discipline

Last updated on November 29, 2022

It is for discipline that you have to endure. God is treating you as sons. For what son is there whom his father does not discipline?” (Hebrews 12:7)

A good father wants the best for his child. That is not always what the child himself would like. For example, a toddler wants to discover what is growing and blooming by the roadside. But a good father or mother will not let him wander there alone. That would be far too dangerous! Older children prefer to have cake for breakfast and a bag of chips for dinner every day. Caring parents put a stop to that!
Sometimes it is necessary to punish a child when he or she has broken the rules. Parents do this not because they enjoy it, but for the good of their offspring. Even if the children do not see the point of all kinds of rules, they must learn to accept correction. This is possible only if at the same time they know the unconditional love of their parents.
Paul sees difficulties believers struggle with in this light. Throw off sin, he says. Fight it. Don’t just give up. And if you have committed a transgression, accept your heavenly Father’s correction and be restored to the right path.

Think honestly about your life. Are there areas where change is needed?

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