Being a (wo)man after God’s heart

Last updated on February 15, 2024

“Be gracious to me and hear my prayer!” (Psalm 4:1)

David is called a man after God’s heart in the Bible. Psalm 4 shows us several reasons why God calls him that. These are things that we should follow!

1. Sing. David is the composer and singer of this psalm. He worships God with all his heart.

2. Seek God in Trouble. When problems arise, David turns to God, acknowledging God’s power, his own limitations, and God’s love. Through prayer, David confesses that God cares and he seeks refuge in Him during difficulties.

3. Recognize God’s Hand in Salvation. David had many reasons to boast about himself. He was exceptionally gifted and accomplished much. But he chose to praise God, acknowledging that it was God who had saved him.

4. Be Certain of Your Position with God. Without arrogance, David quietly believes in being chosen, loved, and heard by God. This assurance is not reserved for extraordinary individuals but is integral to the Christian life.

5. Desire Others to Serve God. David calls on enemies to repent and turn to God, urging them to fear God and not to sin.

6. Find your joy in God. It’s easy to seek your joy in the things of this world. David gives a different example. In the midst of his troubles, he finds joy in God’s presence, seeing the ultimate good in God.

7. Experience Peace Through Trust. Even while facing enemies, David trusts in God’s care. He can sleep peacefully because he relies on God’s faithful watchfulness and care.

Which of these 7 things do you find easy or difficult? Why?

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