A letter from “brothers in Christ”

Last updated on April 19, 2021

Letters of Peter

“Paul … and all the brothers who are with me, to the churches of Galatia: Grace to you and peace from God” (Galatians 1:1-3)

Paul was a missionary who proclaimed the gospel to people who had never heard it before. Throughout the Roman empire, people came to faith and formed new churches. In his “letter to the Galatians”, Paul is addressing a group of such churches. He has heard how they are being influenced by false teachers, and is deeply worried by this news. Therefore, he writes them a letter, to rebuke them and give them sound teaching.

But before he addresses any problems, he greets them heartily, together with “all the brothers who are with me”. These people may not even have known the Galatians personally, but they are united by their common faith in Jesus Christ. They are part of God’s family, and therefore “brothers and sisters”, concerned about each other’s spiritual

This letter is a clear expression of Christian brotherly love. It is not always pleasant; Paul even calls his readers “foolish Galatians!” But all this is meant to get them back on track — the only track leading to “grace and peace from God”.

Do you know Christians who are concerned about your spiritual well-being?

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