What is the Bible?

What is the Bible?

The Bible is completely different to every other book in the world. It was inspired by God (2 Timothy 3:16). This means that the only true God guided about 44 men to write down His words over a period of 1500 years to tell us all what He wanted us to know about Him, and about the world.

The Bible narrative begins before anything existed except God, and then God created the universe and our world followed by everything in the world, and finally man and woman. God created all of these things to glorify His name and cause everyone to realise how great He is. The Bible goes on to tell how mankind disobeyed Him, and then begins God’s story, His-story, as to the things God has done in order that we would return to worship and serve Him.

The Old Testament

The first five books

The first five books of the Bible are a group of books known as the Pentateuch, they lay down God laws for a nation who lives under God’s laws of love and righteousness, and gives the history of the beginning of the nation of Israel through one man, Abram.

Twelve historical books about Israel

The next section is made up of twelve historical books predominantly about Israel. Israel asked for a king, and eventually God chose, a man, David to be king, and promised to send someone into the world from the line of David, who would open the way so that everyone, and anyone throughout the world, both Jews (from nation of Israel) and non-Jews would have the opportunity to be reconciled to God, and be adopted into his family.

Poetry and prophetic books

The next 3 sections of the Old Testament are Poetry books (five books), five prophetic books (called the major prophets because they are long books) and then twelve smaller prophetic books (called the minor prophets). The Old Testament has many prophecies about the one God will send into the world, a saviour – someone who would save people from the punishment due to them because of their disobedience to God.

The New Testament

The gospels

The New Testament begins with four books called the Gospels (meaning good news), and they summarize the life and events of the one God sent into the world, the saviour prophesied about in the Old Testament, his name is Jesus.

The book of acts

The next book is a section on its own, the book of Acts, which tells about the birth of the Church, and how the good news about Jesus, being the saviour of the world began to be preached throughout the world.

Letters to churches and individuals

The next section of twenty-two books are letters to churches and individuals, mainly teaching what it means to be a Christian and how to live as a Christian.

The book of Revelation

The last book of the New Testament is called Revelation. It is a prophetic book about what will happen in the future, and how God plans to destroy the world He made, which has now become corrupt and far from His initial plans. God will build a new heaven and earth, and everyone of us who has come to know Jesus Christ as our saviour, will be saved from the eternal punishment that He has planned for those who refuse Him, and we will live with Him forever.

Compared to many things

In the Bible, God’s word, we read that it is compared to many things – a letter, a light to guide us, a sword to fight against the enemy, a mirror to reflect to us how we have failed God. The Bible is a vital book for every Christian, who will come to love, obey, and read it as though God were speaking to us individually. Christians are encouraged to read some of the Bible each day, and will find that it becomes a handbook of how to live in order to please God, and through it we come to know God more and more.

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We now offer a 100% free, Internet based Bible course. In 15 short lessons you will learn God's message for you in his Word.

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What is the Bible?