Challenge 3: Upside down Kingdom

Two Challenges done and two more to go. How’s it going so far? Do you find that these challenges help you put your faith into practice?

In Jesus’ Kingdom, things are completely different than they are in the world around us. Jesus talks about the rich being poor, the lowly being important. This is the other way around. Up-side-down. Often, this goes against our thinking. In Jesus’ time, this often caused strange reactions and “that is not how I imagined it” faces.

How do you live this up-side-down Kingdom?

In this microCHALLENGE we challenge you to do something today that makes someone else stand perplexed, makes them wonder, an up-side-down experience. Off course we mean this in a cool, positive way. Sing a song, perform a poem, order two cappuccinos and give one away, make a dance. Give someone a big fat compliment – you name it.

Surprise the other person, do something un-common. Make the world experience something of Jesus kingdom that is completely up-side-down.

Challenge accepted?

Will you let us know how you creatively put this challenge of the week into practice?

You can do this by leaving a message on our Facebook page, emailing us, or contacting us through the chat feature (the chat button is in the lower-right corner of the screen).

Read Yahel’s story from the Philippines about how something as small as lending a pair of headphones can have wonderful consequences.

This challenge is the result of a collaboration between GlobalRize and Alongsiders.

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