How did sin enter the world?

When God created the earth, it was perfectly good. The first chapter of the Bible tells us: “God saw everything that he had made, and behold, it was very good.” (Genesis 1:31). However, it is clear that there are also many bad things on earth today. To understand where these comes from, we have to […]

Who killed Jesus?

One of the most astonishing Christian beliefs is the conviction that God the Son became man and was murdered. He is the eternal, holy and glorious Lord of the universe who has always existed and will never cease to exist, but He was killed on a cross like a criminal. The question comes to mind: […]

Is watching porn a sin?


Which 6 problems are caused by watching porn? How can I stop watching porn? Read 6 tips to stop watching porn. Chat with us for help.

Which words does the Bible use for “sin”?

The Westminster Shorter Catechism and other confessions of faith define sin as “lack of conformity with or transgression of the law of God”. Therefore, it is necessary to know its essence based on biblical terms that we will examine below. Violation, not hitting the target, transgression, abomination The Bible examines sin as an infraction of […]

What is sin?

“Sin” is a key concept in the Bible. In short, sin is anything that goes against God’s will – be it words, deeds, or desires.

What does freedom in Christ mean?

We’ve heard the famous saying “Man is free but everywhere in chains”. It’s true that all men indeed seem to be pulled in different directions by some sort of slavery. Our free will often lead us to disobey God and make choices that take us away from His blessings. We are enslaved to many ungodly […]