Can Christians smoke cannabis?

The Bible nowhere speaks specifically about cannabis (or about pot, weed, marijuana, hashish, etc). Because the Bible doesn’t speak directly about this question, we need to consider wider Biblical principles to answer it. In some cases, cannabis is clearly forbidden In many countries, the recreational use of cannabis is not allowed. Then it is clear […]

How can I discern God’s voice – and why should I?


Listening to God’s voice is important to understand God’s will for your life. But how can you discern God’s voice? Old Testament In the Old Testament, listening to God’s voice is a very important aspect in the life of God’s people. With respect to discerning His voice, Moses said: “If you will diligently listen to […]

How do we discover the works that God intended for us?


According to the Bible, God prepared good works beforehand for us (Ephesians 2:10). But how do we discover these works and how can we know we do God’s will? Jesus gives us the Holy Spirit Jesus compared His relationship with His followers to that of a vine with its branches (John 15:5). The Holy Spirit […]

How can I really hear the voice of Jesus and talk with Him?


This is a really important question. The Bible tells us that God will speak to us when He wants to guide us and we want to follow. John 10:3-5 says: “His sheep hear His voice; and He calls His own sheep by name, […] they know His voice. And a stranger will they not follow, […]

Is hate and dislike the same according to the Bible?

Is hate and dislike the same according to the bible?

People around us can evoke negative feelings. The question is how we coop with these feelings. What does the Bible say about hate? Is hate and dislike the same according to the Bible? Hate is a very strong emotion Hate is usually an intense emotion with strong feelings of hostility. If we are talking about […]

How should I surrender to God?

How should I surrender to God?

Before we talk about how to surrender to God, we should ask: is it even a good idea to surrender to God? ‘Surrendering’ means ‘losing’, doesn’t it? Is that ever good? Fair enough. Read on and I’ll explain why so many Christians are talking about surrendering to God, even though the phrase is not in […]