Preaching the gospel

Last updated on July 23, 2021

Passie voor verloren zielen

“Preach the gospel … those who have never heard will understand.” (Romans 15:20-21)

Real charity: the Good News everywhere for everybody.

What is the purpose of your life? That is an important question. The answer determines a great deal of how you live. If you do not have an answer to it, you are probably just hanging around.

Paul lived for the real charity: proclaiming the Gospel everywhere where the name of Christ was not yet mentioned. He took it seriously. He told the Christians in Rome that he had finished his work in the Roman Empire east of Rome. And therefore, wanted to go to Spain.

Proclaiming the gospel to those who have not yet heard it is still a great purpose in life. Maybe God is calling you to do it. Maybe He calls you to something else. Whatever it might be, put your gifts and talents to God’s service. Then your life will not just pass away, but you will live it! What you do for God is eternally valuable.

Do you really live your life the way God has meant it to be? If not, what’s keeping you from doing this?

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