Jesus teaches us how to pray

Last updated on April 19, 2021

Bible - Devotionals

“Pray like this”
(Matthew 6:9)

Prayer is something we learn gradually. By practising, but also by listening to Jesus’ example. The disciples ask explicitly for such an example, and Jesus teaches them the prayer known as the “The Lord’s Prayer” or “Our Father”.

We can pray this prayer literally. This has already been done for centuries, by countless Christians from various denominations. But we can also use it as a guideline and use our own words, let our own heart speak. Of this we also see countless examples in the Bible.

An important lesson from the “Our Father” is the sequence and the priorities of our prayer items. Firstly, God is central. Only seconldy we pray about and for ourselves. And that’s not about “me” as an individual, but about “us” as believers.

The coming days we’ll take a closer look at the “Our Father” and discover what Jesus wants to teach us.

How has the “Our Father” been helpfull for your prayer life?

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