Jesus is greater than all

Last updated on October 5, 2023

“… Having become as much superior to angels as the name He has inherited is more excellent than theirs.” (Hebrews 1:4)

In Hebrews 2:9, we read that Jesus “for a little while was made lower than the angels”. This refers to the time when He lived on earth. During this period, Jesus’ glory was not visible. But now, He is “crowned with glory and honor”.

When the letter to the Hebrews was written, some people claimed that angels, or a particular angel, was more exalted than Jesus Christ. Hebrews 1 quotes various verses from the Old Testament to prove this is wrong. In 1 Peter 3:21-22 we read that “angels, authorities, and powers have been subjected to Him”. And Philippians 2:9-11 tells us that Jesus’ name is above every name, so that every creature should bow before Him, not only on earth but also in heaven.

So, various Bible books agree that Jesus Christ is greater than all. He is the ultimate prophet, priest and king. He is the Creator of the universe and rules the whole world. He is above us humans, above spiritual beings and He sustains the material world by the power of His voice.

Do you worship Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior?

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