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How to walk in the Spirit?

How to walk in the Spirit?

What’s the meaning of walking in the flesh as opposed to walking in the Spirit? When a person becomes a Christian, God’s Spirit is poured out in his or her heart. From now on that person’s life is directed by the...

What is the importance of speaking in tongues?

There are two views on what speaking of tongues in the Bible actually is. One view is that everywhere ‘tongue’ just means ‘language’. If that view is correct, speaking in tongues (or foreign languages) is a gift of the...

What is speaking and interpreting tongues?

Your Question: How can I know that somebody is speaking in tongues when I don’t have the gift of understanding it? Let’s first have a look at what the Bible teaches about speaking in tongues. The first time it is...

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Can you be refreshed in the Holy Spirit?

How can I be refreshed in the Holy Spirit and receive the gift of the Spirit again? The gift of the Holy Spirit is given to all Christians. At the time of conversion, all Christians are “sealed with the promised Holy...

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