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What is Christian leadership?

What is Christian leadership?

When you think of a leader, what comes to mind? Is it the Boss who gets to tell people what to do? Is it the Owner who has more rights and privileges than everyone else? Is it the Dictator who manipulates others to his...

What is the purpose of the church?

Every Christian past and present is a member of God’s church – known as the Universal church. At the same time Christians need to spend time with like minded people – learning, praying, worshiping and serving – this is...

How should conflicts in church be handled?

How should conflicts in the church be handled?

One thing we can be sure of is this: there will be conflict in the church. This is because Christians, though saved by Jesus, still sin. This means that in varying ways within a church family people will sin and hurt...

What is the purpose of having a pastor?

What is the purpose of having pastors?

The word ‘pastor’ does not occur in the Bible. So we need to take a broader look about what the Bible teaches about spiritual leadership in the church. A church without ordained leadership is an incomplete church, as is...

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Why are there fewer Christians?

Why are there fewer Christians in this generation, when Jesus is still alive? There aren’t! God’s people, the church, is larger today than it’s ever been. Even though it might seem to us that there are less Christians...


Should the church get involved in social issues?

God is the Creator of this world. Through sin, satan gained a foothold in the world, and as a consequence many things in this world are not according to God’s original plan. Therefore “the whole creation has been...

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Which church is the right one?

What church or ministry is the one that Jesus left behind? Which church teaches the right way to worship? There are so many churches today and it can be difficult to know which one most accurately teaches God’s Word and...

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