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Prayer is talking with God. It is private communication with the God we serve and love and worship. That makes it an essential part of Christian living.

Child bible praying

Should we pray to Mary?

The Bible says there is only One to whom you must direct your prayer, and He is God. Important role Mary, the mother of Jesus, had an important role to play in God’s plan of salvation. Her role was to bring Jesus into...

Why does God not always answers prayer?

Why does God sometimes not answer our prayers?

Why does God sometimes not answer our prayers? Does He not care for us? First we must establish that God does care for us. How do we know that? Because while we were still sinners Christ died for us (Romans 5:8). God...

Why do we end our prayers with amen?

Why do we end our prayers with Amen?

Let’s first find out what ‘Amen’ actually means. It is a Hebrew word that comes from the Hebrew root “AMN”, which stands for stability and means “so be it”, “I...

Does God answer prayer?

Does God answer prayer?

Those of us who believe in God, believe that He hears our prayers, but do we all believe that He answers them? Actually He does – in His own way and on His own time. It may not be exactly the answer we want, and...