Can I commit suicide if I feel myself worthless?

The amazing promise of the gospel is that no matter what we do, if we simply trust in Jesus we will be with Him forever (John 3:16; Romans 3:21-24). However, even though we will be forgiven every sin—even suicide—that does not mean our lives now are worthless. If you are considering suicide, then you probably feel completely worthless. You probably feel like nobody understands. You probably feel alone. I guess you might feel like that, because, that is how I’ve felt when I’ve been depressed and suicidal in my own life. You are not alone in feeling this way, nor even unusual.

God understands people

God understands that there are many reasons people feel like committing suicide. His Word, the Bible, is so honest about our struggles in life:

  • When Jacob first lost Joseph, he felt so upset that he couldn’t stand to be comforted and wanted to die crying (Gen 37:35).
  • At the time Saul had lost his final battle, the shame of losing and being defeated by Philistines led him to kill himself (1 Sam 31:4).
  • Elijah had become so unpopular and full of self-doubt, he asked God to kill him because he felt worthless (1 Kings 19:4).
  • Jonah felt overwhelmed by jealousy because God loved the Ninevites, he got so angry that he asked God to kill him (Jonah 4:3).
  • After Judas had betrayed Jesus, he felt so guilty that he hanged himself (Matt 27:3-10).
  • Paul had to live a very hard life for his ministry, and he was so excited about being with Jesus that he felt he would rather die to be with him than stay alive (Phil 1:23).

God’s response to suicide

But why does the Bible have so much to say about suicide? It’s very simple: God does not think you are worthless. God understands you. He is with you and wants the best for you. But because God wants the best for you, he doesn’t want life to be easy–instead God wants to turn you into a hero.
Anyone could live out an easy life, that’s not very impressive, but God wants to make you into an impressive person. God wants to make you glorious. and God’s plan for you begins with being forgiven, freely, from all your sins.

There are no unforgivable sins, except the sin of not accepting Jesus’ forgiveness. The “blasphemy of the Holy Spirit” is refusing to accept Jesus’ forgiveness (Mark 3:22-30). Revelation 13:11-18 is a symbolic picture of the Roman empire’s national priesthood. The “mark of the beast” symbolises someone who has bought into the false and deceptive religion of the state. Rather than put their trust in the real God.

A new life in Jesus

God wants to make us like His Son Jesus. This has been His plan for us since before the beginning of time (Romans 8:29). Now, imagine how amazing it is to be like Jesus:

  • Jesus had such self-control he took a punch to the face and responded with a clever answer (John 18:22-23). He made Paul a hero able to do the same (Acts 23:2-3).
  • Jesus had such self-confidence he washed His disciples’ feet, not needing to have His ego constantly massaged. He made His disciples heroes to do likewise (John 13:1-20).
  • Jesus had such self-worth he could live happy, content with nothing, not even the latest gadgets. He made Barnabas a hero able to give his money away (Acts 4:36-37).

Don’t you want to be like this?

God makes us weak deliberately in order for His strength to work in us (2 Corinthians 12:1-10). This is how he transforms us to be like Jesus, making us into heroes. If God has brought you to your knees, in whatever way: He will transform you into a hero when you trust in Jesus. God perfects us (James 1:2-4) and gives us character (Romans 5:3-5) through suffering, no matter what the cause.


It won’t feel like this your whole life. From my own experience, God brings me to my knees, then lifts me up again. Each time, I become a bit more like Jesus, a bit more of a hero. If you’re having a really hard time fighting either sin or depression, then make sure you talk to a church leader about it. Or ask some friends at church to pray for you and to help. But most importantly: as you go through this suffering, trust in Jesus! Each day He will make you more of a hero. Every moment, through every set back.

Keep going. God is making you glorious!

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