Where did evil come from?

Where did evil come from?

The beginning of evil started when Satan fell from heaven. Originally, the angel Lucifer was beautiful and perfect and was anointed by God as...
Free from sin

How can we be free from sin?

Your question: How can we be free from sin? Before we can consider how a person can be free from sin, we need to understand...
What is pride?

Pride. What is it and why is it bad?

Your Question: What is pride? Why is it so bad? The Bible condemns proud men and women in the strongest terms (Proverbs 16:5). This is...
Sin of omission

Sin of omission

Your Question: what is a sin of omission? Omit means to leave out, so a sin of omission would be something you left out, something...
How Can I Know Whether Something Is A Sin?

How Can I Know Whether Something Is A Sin?

God, the creator of all, has laid down the rules by which human beings are to live in order to be happy, fulfilled and...
Sin and punishment

Sin And Punishment

Your Question: When Christians sin, does God forgive and punish, or only forgive? Jesus has carried the punishment for all our sins: “He himself bore...
fight against sin

How Can I Fight Against Sin?

Your Question: I've committed a sin, but I still want to do it again. I also tell myself I won’t do it again. What...
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