Does baptism save?

Your question: Does baptism save us? Baptism does not save us. God saves us by grace through faith. But baptism is closely linked to that...

Backsliding, lost forever?

Your Question: Are backsliders lost forever, as Hebrews 6 seems to teach? Hebrews 6, like any other passage of Scripture, is to be read in...

Is it possible to lose your salvation?

Your Question: Is it possible to lose your salvation? Two passages in Hebrews seem to teach that it is possible to be saved, and later...

God’s Arms Are Open Wide

Your Question: Can the story of a prodigal son be applied to believers'or only to non-believers who seek God? Jesus told the series of ‘lost’...
Old Testament believers

Were Old Testament Believers Saved By Jesus?

Your Question: Were Old Testament believers saved by Jesus? Yes. Jesus death on the cross earned an eternal salvation for all believers, whether they lived...
Jesus saves

Saved Once And Forever!

Once I received the Holy Spirit, can I ever lose Him again? Once we have become God’s child through faith, we receive the Holy Spirit,...
Sinners saved by jesus

How Are Sinners Saved?

Your Question: How do sinners obtain God’s gift of eternal salvation? The Bible says: “For "everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will...

The Gospel Message

The word 'gospel' actually means 'good news'. But before the good news there was the bad news of Adam and Eve sinning by disobeying...

Salvation For The Whole World

Your Question: Why does the Bible emphasize only the salvation of Israel? What about other nations, will they not be saved? Even before the nation...
Can a murderer be saved?

Can A Murderer Be Saved?

Your Question: Will a murderer go to heaven if he comes to faith in Jesus? Yes, he will. The Bible gives us two very clear...
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