Israel and the Palestinians

Your Question: Why are the people mentioned in the Bible, Israel and the Palestinians, fighting the worst today? It is said to see the fighting...
what do angels do?

What do Angels do?

The word angel simply means ‘messenger’. This name already gives us a good clue to what angels are and do. Let me first tell...
Ape or Adam?

Ape or Adam?

The Bible tells us that God created Adam, but science says that we descend from apes. What is true? Genesis 1 tells us that God...
How did the population of the earth grow

How Did The Population of The Earth Grow After Adam and...

Your Question: How were the generations formed subsequent to Adam and Eve? God’s first words to mankind show His plan for the world: “God blessed...
Music for a Christian

What Kind of Music Should a Christian Listen To?

Music is a very dependent on who we are, our upbringing and our personalities and it is not possible to tell people what they...

How Can I Disciple People Far Away?

Your Question: How can I be a good leader to my disciples when we live far apart?  How can I encourage them to love...
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