Marriage and Sexuality

Marriage and Sexuality

Marriage and Sexuality

Marriage and Sexuality
Sex before marriage is a sin

Is sex before marriage okay for Christians?

To answer this question, we need to go right to the very beginning of the Bible. In Genesis 1-2 God made the whole universe,...
romantic couple

How Can I know Who God Wants Me To Marry?

Your Question: I would like to ask about Christian love relationships: how can I know if he/she is God’s match for me? Throughout history, and...

Is Adultery Unforgivable?

There is only one unforgivable sin, and that is hardening your heart against the Gospel, and rejecting Jesus as Saviour. Adultery is a terrible sin,...

What Does The Bible Say About Homosexuality?

Your Question: What does the Bible say on homosexuality? In most western countries this question will increasingly become more of a divisive issue. Currently denominations...
Sex after marriage

Sex Before Marriage

Your Question: Where does the Bible teach it is wrong to have sex before marriage? God is the inventor of marriage. When God created Eve, Adam...
Single woman

Being Single

Your Question: What does the Bible say about being single? This is a subject that is sometimes misunderstood by Christians. Everyone has been single at...
christian couple, faithful

Can A Woman Have Sex With More Than One Man?

Your Question: What is God's approach to a woman who has sex with more than one man? God does not approve of a woman who...
being a wife

What Does The Bible Say About Being A Wife?

Your Question: What does the Bible say about being a wife? God created Adam and put him in the Garden of Eden. When he was...
married without parental approval

Is It A Sin To Marry Without The Approval Of The...

Your Question: Is it a sin to marry without the approval of the parents? The Bible teaches to honour your parents (Exodus 20:12). This means...
marrying an unbeliever

Is It Right For A Christians To Marry An Unbeliever?

Your Question: Is it right or wrong for a Christian to marry an unbeliever? Thank you for your question. This is a sensitive area. Looking...
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