Where books added to the Bible?

Were any books added to the Bible?

Have there been any books added to the Bible like the gospel of Mary Magdalene? In the year 387 AD Christ’s Church officially recognized what books were truly inspired by the Holy Spirit. Since then no other books were...


Why do some people suffer more than others?

If God loves us all equally, why are some people sailing along in life comfortably and are others facing many problems? The question starts with the assumption that God loves everyone the same. And indeed God shows a...

Is Christianity the true religion?

Is Christianity the true religion?

Christians believe that Christianity is the only true religion, because it is based on truth – not legend, not just a philosophy, not moral stories, fairy tales or wise words. Christians believe the Bible is God’s Word...

What religion is the right one? Christianity or Islam?

Which religion is right: Christianity or Islam?

The main difference between Christianity and Islam is Jesus Christ. Is Jesus the fully human (Hebrews 2:14) and fully divine (John 20:28-29) Son of God (Matthew 3:17), who died on the cross (Luke 23:33) for our sins (1...

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